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What they did was essentially bullying, taunting, as Solok noted himself.

That's not much better from waiting for the best player on the opponent's team to leave and then beating him due to the lost match, in order to delude themselves into thinking they're somehow superior (but in reality becoming completely inferior).

Of course, if I were in Sisko's place, I would have wanted to "put Solok in his place" as well, but I would have found a way which would actually let me DO it, instead of simply humiliating me further. I would kill myself after a week of that nightmare!

Leaving aside how idiotic Sisko was to challenge a Vulcan to a wrestling match, I would have reciprocated for Solok's psychology papers on comparative Human/Vulcan characteristics by writing a few papers of my own, in which I would describe Vulcans for what they are: walking zombies spending their entire existence shackled in their purgatory of "logic", because they are too weak to master their own emotions. If I were in Sisko's place, I would throw all of these arguments in Solok's face when he came to DS9 and began demeaning Sisko once again.

The first time I saw this episode was almost 13 years ago, and I was still too young to understand the implications of it. From the first time Spock appeared in the Original Series, all the way to that scene of the destruction of Vulcan in "Star Trek (2009)" (the only good thing in that abomination of a movie), I saw Vulcans for what they are: a species of arrogant insufferable racists hiding behind their veneer of "logic".And actually, it should have raised some objections on DS9 as well.The Vulcans are here to rest, but the DS9 senior staff is on the job! Obviously this was supposed to be a silly filler episode, but it turns out to be farce.Also, instead of Sisko's line "there is a Vulcan station about 50 light-years away", when he responds to Solok's observation how "inefficient" human officers are, I would say something like "you know, you are right.There is a Romulan Warbird scheduled to arrive later today (as I look at a padd), with considerable battle damage.

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