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But perhaps the best thing about this establishment is its ambiance (OK second-best thing).The entryway would make Ernest Hemingway feel at home and there’s even a library (yes, a library).What we are trying to say is this is a casual answer to other more polished gentlemen’s clubs. Food: Yes Booze: Yes Nudity level: Topless This is the type of place Hugh Hefner himself would run if he were in the strip club biz.There’s a swimming pool, cigar room and a wine selection that would make even the best sommelier raise an eyebrow, just ask Food: Yes Booze: Yes Nudity level: Topless This club embodies the best of an authentic men’s lodge only with beautiful half-naked women.The name Lupercalia was believed in antiquity to evince some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lykaia, a wolf festival (Greek: It stood in the Lupercal, the cave where tradition held that Romulus and Remus were suckled by the she-wolf (Lupa).The cave lay at the foot of the Palatine Hill, on which Romulus was thought to have founded Rome.The ancient cult of the Hirpi Sorani ("wolves of Soranus", from Sabine hirpus "wolf"), who practiced at Mt.Soracte, 45 km (28 mi) north of Rome, had elements in common with the Roman Lupercalia.

Forget the seedy reputation most clubs have, this could be your local watering hole besides the lack of ahem… You’re more likely to hear the girls dancing to country than to Def Leopard.Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February (Februarius) its name.) with the same idea of purification or purging, due to the sweating commonly seen in association with fevers.But being the largest strip club also means being the most recognizable, located just off congested I-35.If you’re looking to be incognito make sure to park in the back or use the discreet VIP entrance.

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