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This being the final Battle Network game and also a very late Game Boy Advance title, you can expect some pretty graphics and good music, although of course it's all mostly similar to the previous titles.

Reward Reg Up1 Go to Seaside area 3 and talk to the blue navi near the net dealer there. Chances are you won’t have this chip until you can access sky area.

Most of the other changes are battle-related; these include small alterations to how chips work, but the biggest is probably the new "Beast Out" system.

After a certain point in the games, Mega will be able to transform into Beast Mega Man, giving him a variety of new abilities and attacks.

However, one of the best things about these missions was the ability to play as certain other characters.

This, thankfully, has been kept, although it's been reworked slightly - these so-called Link Navis will show up at certain points and become playable for a while, helping Mega by removing obstacles and doing other things.

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