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Since the gills are what re-oxygenates the blood, their is a high volume of blood flow there, and even a small cut can cause a fish to bleed out in minutes.

If you aren’t confident you can remove a deep hook without damaging the fish, it’s usually best to just cut the line as close to the hook as possible.

For panfish, something small and skinny is going to help get in their small mouths to extract deep hooks.

For muskie, you’re going to want an extra-long pair to get to the hooks while keeping your hands away from those viscous teeth.

Using this method I was able to extract all the data I needed and place it in a table where I could query it at will.

From the above XML data, I now want to retrieve all the customer information along with Order ID and Order Date placed by each individual customer and hence I am navigating to the Order element and then querying Order ID and Order Date attributes.This function required me to load the xml data into an xml variable, then I could read different data based on the depth to which I did the initial opening.Here is a screenshot of some of the data I was working with: The important thing to note is that I used the ../ to move up in the hierarchy.One thing any responsible fisherman needs is a pair of pliers.You may need different sizes for different types of fish.

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