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Incoming and coming and outgoing flights are being coordinated by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), under the authority of the authority of the National Emergency Operations Centre.

Any party wishing to land an aircraft in Anguilla must seek permission to do so by written request to DDM at [email protected] Private businesses, organizations, and individuals seek to deliver supplies for humanitarian relief via air or to extract or evacuate specific persons from Anguilla are requested to coordinate their plans with the DDM to ensure an orderly and secure process.

Art Exposure, LLC Art Exposure offers an Artists Association with Studio Space, a sales gallery and monthly exhibits. Our gift shop offers local hand-made and fine crafted gifts.

Ash's Japanese Maple Nursery Nestled in 11 acres of a southern pine and hardwood forest, Ash's Japanese Maple Nursery contains over 80 varieties of Japanese Maples from 2-30 years old.

With regard to access Anguilla by boat, both of our main ports are not functioning at the moment but we hope to have them up and running soon.

In the meantime, continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

There have been many offers for donation of relief supplies, building materials, technical expertise, and many other items vitally needed to rebuild the country.

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• Building material such as galvanized sheet roofing, construction and pressure treated plywood, T1-11 pressure treated plywood, other building materials • Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, baby food, water, foodstuffs • For those of you who would like to send relief supplies, I’ve posted a photo of the contents of a generic Emergency Relief Kit, endorsed by the Department of Disaster Management.

Additionally, the Government of Anguilla will be providing bank account information in Anguilla to which financial gifts of any amount could be wired.

This information will be provided in the near future when these details can be finalised with the local banking institutions when they come back online as part of their restoration and business continuity plans.

The official avenue within which to channel assistance is to the Government of Anguilla directly via the Relief Committee of the NDMC at email [email protected] 264-497-5666.

All donations whether of a financial nature or relief supplies, equipment or building materials are coordinated by the Relief Committee.

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