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I chose the word advertising in depicting cigar labels because I think of these as early point-of-sale advertising.I can envision a storekeeper propping open the lids of cigar boxes for display on his store counter with the knowledge that these stunning images would entice sales.Kennedy, President of the United States; Francisco J.Orlich, President of Costa Rica; Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes, President of Guatemala; Julio A. Kennedy during the Presidents' Conference in Costa Rica on March 18, 1963 by the President of Guatemala, General Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes.Rivera, President of El Salvador; Ramon Villeda, President of Honduras; Luis Somoza, President of Nicaragua; Roberto F. The use of the cigar band began in Cuba during the early part of the 19th century.

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The 7 presidents (referred to in the inscription on the Humidor) in attendance at the Presidents' Conference in Costa Rica were John F.Cigar box and cigar box label collecting is a different story, in that they are widely collected for their beauty and historical interest. Unlike lithograph printing which was produced from engravings, chromolithographs were printed from a flat surface.As might be expected, printing techniques and technological advancements in printing during the past 100 years are important factors in ascertaining the value and collectability of these labels. The process involved using a grease-based crayon to apply the image to a limestone slab called a stone.The chromolithograph will have small irregular dots caused by the grain in the stone, while the 4-color offset print will have a pattern of dots that are identical.Most of the cigar box labels found in antique malls are common and can be purchased at prices ranging between and .

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